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Washroom Hygiene

INNOWAY has a wide range of cleaning products to service commercial cleaners, property management companies and other businesses all over New Zealand.


Product Code:1064 – 120mm Radial Turks Heads Toilet Brush

Description: Radial turks head toilet brush 120mm dia, plastic handles, synthetic fill

Toilet brush, 120mm, radial turks heads


Product: 1301 – Large Industrial Toilet Brush, Oates

Description: Superior heavy duty bristles remove tough built-up grime, Rounded head with all round bristling to get right into the bowl. Removable end cap allows threaded handle to be screwed in converting product into a long handled toilet brush

Large Industrial Toilet Brush, Oates


Product: 1302 – Handy Toilet Brush Set, Oates

Description: Tough bristles for a thorough clean. Lightweight and easy to use

Handy Toilet Brush Set, Oates






Product: 3001 – Cherry Bombs (3kg) Urinal Blocks

Description: CHERRY BOMBS are perfume blocks primarily for the use in urinals and areas harboring unpleasant odours.



Product: 3002 – Urinal Blocks (4kg & 7kg )

Description: URINAL BLOCKS are blocks of perfumed crystal for use
primarily in urinals as a deodoriser and bactericide



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INNOWAY supplies quality cleaning products all over New Zealand

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Auckland / Hamilton / Whangarei / Bay of Island / Rotoura / Hawkes Bay / Napier / Wellington / Palmerston North / Christchurch / Queenstown / Dunedin

INNOWAY is a distributor of Tork Products

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