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INNOWAY has a wide range of serviettes to serve every customer’s needs, from premium restaurant custom printed cocktail size serviettes, lunch size serviettes and dinner size serviettes to your everyday bakery economy serviettes. Contact us TODAY to find out what we can do for you.


Sharp Range of Serviettes

Custom Printed Serviettes –  A very cost effective form of advertising for your business  (Yes we can do GOLD print! )

Quilted Napkins –  Serve in style if that’s you. These Quality New Napkins are available in Black, White, Red and Blue. This is a 2 Ply Serviette, seamlessly joined together using the latest Point-to-Point technology which gives it an incredibly soft and luxurious feel.

Eco Range Serviettes –  You really can make a difference if you try, let’s do our bit for the environment yet not increase the spending – at INNOWAY, we run a business too so we know what it is like! Choose 100% recycled Eco serviettes, choose INNOWAY.

Plain Serviettes –  Serviettes on the go – Yes we all need them – Cocktail Serviettes / Luncheon Serviettes / Dinner Serviettes

Dispenser serviettes –  Are you looking for a quality affordable dispenser serviette? Well look no further. Our tall fold and low fold dispenser serviettes are a great solution for businesses wanting to dispense serviettes to their customers. If you do not have dispensers, we can supply them on a “Free On Loan” basis.


Product Code: 2801 – Sharp White Cocktail Serviettes

Description:  4 Fold, 2 ply, 250 / pkt, 3000 / ctn


Product Code: 2802 – White Luncheon Serviettes, 2 ply, Custom printed One Colour

Description: 300mm x 300mm – Edge embossed 4 Fold 15 pkts x 200 – 3,000 per carton  


Product Code: 2803 – White Dinner Serviettes, 2 ply, Custom printed One Colour

Description:  400mm x 400mm, Edge embossed 12 pkts x 125 = 1,500 per 


Product Code: 2804 – Unbleached, Luncheon Eco Choice,

Description: 3000 per carton,  1 Ply, 1/4 fold, 200 per pkt, 15 pkts per carton


Product Code: 2811 – Sharp White 2ply Dinner Serviettes

Description:  2ply, white, 4 fold, 12 pkts x 125pcs, 1500pcs


Product Code: 2812 – Sharp 3ply  White Dinner Serviettes

Description:  Carton Qty 1,200pcs 12 pkts x 100pcs


Product Code: 2806 – Sharp Elite Airlaid Dinner Serviettes

Description:  White, SH40/AL/8F, 960 / ctn


Product Code: 2805 – Sharp Eco Choice Dinner Serviette

Description:  1 Ply, 1/8 fold, 200 per pkt, 12 pkts per carton

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