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Save costs on sanitary bin service fees – buy your own sanitary bins.

The sanitary disposal units are easy to service yourself or by your cleaners. You can clear the sanitary bins as little or as often as you need to without paying set monthly fees.

This will save you around 80% of what you currently pay in service fees for companies to supply and clear sanitary disposal units.

Your only ongoing costs are to purchase the Liner Cassettes which are easy to install and service yourself. Depending on usage the cassettes will last you for several months at a time. This means you just need to clear the sanitary waste when is required instead of a mandatory service fee.

We have SEVEN options for you:

INNOWAY Cleaning Supplies stock various brand of sanitary bins, and sanitary refills. We also supply other washroom dispensers that you can purchase outright and enjoy a cost effective way of managing your washroom services – Air Fresheners, Soap, Hand Towels, Toilet Tissues etc.