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INNOWAY has a wide range of commercial cleaning chemicals for cleaners,, commercial laundry shop chemicals and commercial kitchen chemicals.

All INNOWAY Chemicals come in 5 litres and 20 litres, 200 litre chemicals available at request.


Product Code: 8801 – Heavy Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner – 5L

Product Code: 8802 – Heavy Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner – 20L

Description: Industrial strength grill, oven and hotplate cleaner. Ideal for use in restaurants, takeaways, bars, commercial bakeries etc.

Oven and Grill Cleaner 5L, oven cleaner, kitchen cleaning chemicals, grill cleaner


Product Code: 8803 – Concentrated Pine Sanitizer / Disinfectant – 5L

Product Code: 8804 – Concentrated Pine Sanitizer / Disinfectant – 20L

Description: Our low cost, general purpose disinfectant with pine oil, leaving a pleasant and long lasting fragrance after each use. Use where any general sanitizing or light cleaning is required.

Concentrated pine sanitizer and all purpose cleaner disinfectant 5L


Product Code: 8805 – Commercial Bleach – 5L

Product Code: 8806 – Commercial Bleach – 20L

Description: a concentrated commercial grade bleach suitable for dirt and grime removal, washing and soaking. Removing stains, mildew, etc from cotton cloths. can also be used as a sanitizer on bathrooms, toilets & laundry areas.

bleach, pacer, commercial, innoway


Product Code: 8807 – Neutral Dishwashing Liquid 20L

 Neutral Dishwashing Liquid 20L


Product Code: 8808 – Quality Lemon Dishwashing Detergent – 5L

Product Code: 8809 – Quality Lemon Dishwashing Detergent – 20L

Description: Lemon scented effective dishwashing detergent, suitable for commercial or home use

Lemon Dishwashing Detergent, dishwashing liquid


Product Code: 8810 – Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 5L

Product Code: 8811 – Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 20L

Description: A highly effective and powerful liquid toile cleaner, sanitizer designed specifically for stainless steel and porcelain surface cleaning including mould toilets, sinks, urinals, bath, benches and tiles.

toilet cleaner, toilet sanitizer, toilet odour remover, toilet cleaning chemicals, urinal cleaner


Product Code: 8812 – Spray and Wipe Disinfectant / All Purpose Cleaner – 5L

Product Code: 8813 – Spray and Wipe Disinfectant / All Purpose Cleaner – 20L

Description: A concentrated formula with a powerful lemon and pine oil base to kill germs and bacteria on contact. Strong bactericide, excellent cleaning and deodorising qualities

all purpose spray and wipe cleaner disinfectant


Product Code: 8814 – Flush Internal Drain Cleaner (Internal Pipeline Degreaser) – 5L

Product Code: 8843 – Flush Internal Drain Cleaner (Internal Pipeline Degreaser) – 20L

Description: A concentrated corrosive alkaline drain cleaner that unblocks sewer pipes or helps to prevent the occurrence of clogged drains. it is designed to remove soft obstructions such as hair and grease that can accumulate close to interior drain openings.

internal pipeline degreaser, flush internal drain cleaner 5


Product Code: 8815 – Anti Bacteria Liquid Hand Soap – 5L

Product Code: 8816 – Anti Bacteria Liquid Hand Soap – 20L

Product Code: 8817 – Anti Bacteria Foam Hand Soap – 5L

Product Code: 8818 – Kitchen Anti-Bacteria Liquid/Foam Hand Soap – 5L

Description: A low cost yet effective anti bacterial liquid hand soap, ideal for public restrooms schools, public buildings, shopping centres etc

Anti Baterial Liquid Hand Soap 5L


Product Code: 8819 – Floor Cleaner – 5L

Product Code: 8820 – Floor Cleaner – 20L

Description: Cost effective formulation to help floors retain their natural or polished shine even when cleaned on a regular basis. This floor cleaner can be used on vinyl, timber, tiled and other non-absorbent flooring.

floor cleaner, natural floor cleaner, eco floor cleaner


Product Code: 8821 – Kitchen Floor Clean with Disinfectant – 5L

Product Code: 8822 – Kitchen Floor Clean with Disinfectant – 20L

Description: one of our top seller triple action heavy duty floor cleaner designed to remove grease ad grime in food prep service areas, disinfectant deodoriser for virtually any washable surfaces.

kitchen floor cleaner, kitchen degreaser


Product Code: 8823 – Kitchen Degreaser (NZSFA Approved)- 5L

Product Code: 8824 – Kitchen Degreaser (NZSFA Approved)- 20L

Description: a versatile, heavy-duty degreaser cleaner for removing grease and grime in food prep / service areas. Great around deep fat fryers, grills, butcher shops, the BBQ and other general cleaning needs.

kitchen degreaser, degreaser, engine degreaser, machine degreaser


Product Code: 8825 – Auto Glass Wash & Dishwasher Detergent – 5L

Product Code: 8826 – Auto Glass Wash & Dishwasher Detergent – 20L

Description: It is a highly concentrated economical detergent suitable for machine washing crockery, cutlery and glassware. Designed to remove tough oils and leave behind a streak free finish.



Product Code: 8827 – Rinse & Drying Aid – 5L

Product Code: 8828 – Rinse & Drying Aid – 20L

Description: Rinse & Drying Aid is designed to give you spot free drying of machine washed tableware. the concentrated liquid formula has been developed specifically for us in commercial restaurants, bars, clubs, bakeries, fast food outlets, coffee shops, healthcare facilities etc.

Rinse & Drying Aid, 5L, 20L


Product Code: 8829 – Window Cleaner – 5L

Product Code: 8830 – Window Cleaner – 20L

Description: Concentrated streak free window cleaner for removal of dirt, grime from windows, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel benches, refrigerator doors etc.

streak free window cleaner, window cleaning, mirror cleaner


Product Code: 8831 – Musk Air Freshener – 4L

Description: our air freshener is a powerful, pleasantly scented fragrance designed to freshen all interiors. Can be use to extraction machine when shampooing.

air freshener, deodouriser, odour killer


Product Code: 8832 – Winegum Air Freshener – 4L

Description: our air freshener is a powerful, pleasantly scented fragrance designed to freshen all interiors. Can be use to extraction machine when shampooing.

air freshener, deodouriser, odour killer


Product Code: 8833 – Carpet Cleaner, CITRUS, – 5L

Description: Carpet Cleaner is a blend of petroleum solvents and cleaners with the smell of Citrus.


Product Code: 8834 – Concentrated Shower Cleaner – 5L

Description: Formulated to remove soap scum, mould & mildew, human oils & fats, easily and quickly with minimal effort to leave a sparkling surface & fragrance.

Concentrated Shower Cleaner 5L


Product Code: 8836 – Supa-Rip, Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser – 20L

Description: our Supa-Rip Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser is a Universal Cleaner & Degreaser is a ripper super duty concentrate designed to clean everything from engines to auto interiors.

Supa-Rip, Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser 20L


Product Code: 8837 – Cream Scouring liquid Cleanser – 5L

Description: Cream scouring liquid is ideal to clean and polish stainless steel, porcelain ceramic tiles, bench tops, white ware & most hard surfaces.

8837 Cream scouring, liquid cleanser


Product Code: 8839 – Liquid Laundry Detergent – 5L and 20L

Description: Liquid Laundry Detergent is an environmentally friendly product, which is tough on stains, but gentle on the clothes. Suggested Dilution Rates: Top loading machines – regular load: 1/4 cup or 60mls, Use more for heavily soiled loads. Use less for small loads. Front loading machines – regular load: 30 – 40mls Directions: Use in hot, warm or cold water.


Product Code: 8840 – GRAPE Truck Wash – 20L

Description: GrapeWash© car wash is formulated to quickly and easily wash and shine your car.

GRAPE Truck Wash 20L


Product Code: 8841 – MALCO Leather and Plastic Cleaner – 3.78L

Description: Malco Leather & Plastic Cleaner is the classic solution to soiled vinyl and leather. This special formula restores the “like new” look to leather and plastics. Ground-in soils, grease, grime and dirt are easy to remove – just spray and wipe.

MALCO Leather and Plastic Cleaner 3.78L


Product Code: 8842 – Mechanic Hand Soap – 5L

Description: Soap used specially for mechanic.


Product Code: 8846 – Hand sanitizer gel – 5L

Product Code: 8847 – Food preparation Sanitizer – 5L

Product Code: 8848 – Food preparation Sanitizer – 20L

Description: Our hand sanitizer gel are designed for any environment. particularly suitable for areas where repeated hand sanitising is required such as food preparation areas, healthcare and child-care facilities etc. kills 99.9% germs that may cause illness. use it anytime, anywhere, without water or a towel. leaves hands feeling refreshed without any residue,leaves, a long-lasting pleasant lemon scent. 

Hand sanitizer gel 5L


Product Code: 8849 – Quick Kill Outdoor Moss and Mould Remover – 5L

Description: A fast acting mould, moss and mildew remover. Ideal on concrete, pavers, roofs, gutters, fibreglass, outdoor furniture, walls and fences. No scrubbing or pressure water blasting needed, simply spray on and hose off. Do not use on fabrics. Directions: Use undiluted. Spray on to the surface to be cleaned. Wait until the mould or mildew stains disappear or soften then rinse or sponge thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Heavy mould may require two applications.


Product Code8858 – White Liquid Hand Soap – 5L

Description: Liquid hand soap is an anti-bacterial (Pink Jasmine/ White Sweet Vanilla) liquid soap idea for public restrooms, schools, public buildings, shopping centres, etc. suitable for most liquid soap dispensers. prevents hands from drying and cracking. Contains no abrasives or solvents.


Product Code8864 – Carpet And Fabric Cleaner – 5L

Description: Carpet Detergent is a low foam carpet and upholstery shampoo designed for extraction (shampoo) machines. It loosens both clinging surface soil and deep ground in dirt from all carpet types. Suitable for spot cleaning. Test on an inconspicuous area first.

Appearance: light brown liquid
PH: neutral 7
Sweet vanilla fragrance
Dilute up to 1:30

Carpet and Fabric Cleaning Solutions


Product Code9850 – Janola – Lemon Premium Bleach – 1.25 litres

Description: Kills 99.9% of household germs. Use for soaking stains, nappies, in washing machine, disinfecting household surfaces, rubbish bins etc.

Janola - Lemon Premium Bleach - 1.25 litres


Product Code9870 – 500ml D-Germ Hand Sanitizer

Description: Alcohol free and fragrance free foaming hand sanitiser. Kills 99.99% of germs gently and effectively.

500ml D-Germ Hand Sanitizer


Product Code9871 – 5L D-Germ Hand Sanitizer

Description: Alcohol free and fragrance free foaming hand sanitiser. Kills 99.99% of germs gently and effectively. Must be used in a dispenser that either foams or sprays the sanitizer.

5L D-Germ Hand Sanitizer

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