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Floor Caring Products

Want YOUR floors like this?

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INNOWAY has a wide range of floor care products to suit all your needs.

Floor Pads

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Product Code: 1121 – 20 inch High Speed Flooring Pad – Pink

Product Code: 1124 – 16 inch Regular Speed Pads, Green

Product Code: 1125 – 20 inch high speed white machine pad

Product Code: 1126 – 16 inch Regular Speed Pads Red Buffing

Product Code: 1128 –  16 inch Regular Speed Pads Black Stripping

Product Code: 1130 –  16 inch Regular Speed Pads White

Product Code: 1135 – 17 inch Regular Speed Pads, Black

Product Code: 1136 – 17 inch Regular Speed Pads, Red

Product Code: 1139 – 17 inch, High Speed Pads, White

Product Code: 1201 – 3M High Productivity Stripping Pads, Black, 16 Inch, 7300

Floor Polish Applicators

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Chemicals – Floor Strip and Floor Sealer / Polish

INNOWAY highly recommend:


Strip Eze – Floor Strip

Diversey Stripe Eze Floor Stripper

Vectra – Sealer / Polish

Diversey Vectra 5 Litre floor care chemicals floor stripper floor polish floor sealer


UNO Floor Polish

UNO floor polish 5L

Platinum 25

Platinum 25 Floor Sealer Floor Polish 5L

INNOWAY supplies quality cleaning products all over New Zealand

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Auckland / Hamilton / Whangarei / Bay of Island / Rotoura / Hawkes Bay / Napier / Wellington / Palmerston North / Christchurch / Queenstown / Dunedin

INNOWAY is a distributor of Tork Products

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