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Diversey Chemicals

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Diversey is a leading global provider of:

Sustainable commercial cleaning, sanitisation and hygiene solutions serving the lodging, foodservice, retail, healthcare, education and food and beverage sectors as well as building service contractors.

Diversey offers extensive applications in floor care, floor safety,food and beverage sanitation and operational efficiency, food safety, laundry, kitchen hygiene and warewashing equipment, as well as general cleaning and sanitation.

Diversey can help you with the following areas:

Diversey Floor Care: Integrated floor care solutions that deliver cleaner floors and an improved guest experience.

diversey floor care, diversey chemical for floor cleaning, diversey floor cleaner






Floor & General Purpose Cleaners

For daily and periodic use.

Floor Cleaner/Maintainers

Achieve the ultimate high-quality appearance with our floor cleaners.

Floor Finishes

Create a long-lasting finish on any substrate with our floor finishes.

Floor Strippers

Heavy-duty performance on heavy polishes and build-up with Sealed Air’s floor strippers.

Floor Sealers

Our floor sealers offer complete sealed protection on any substrate.


Diversey Kitchen Care: Innovative solutions for commercial kitchens

diversey kitchen care, diversey kitchen chemicals







Ensuring every surface is free of grease, sterilized and spotless.

Rinse Aid

Our rinse aid helps achieve a thorough rinse and streak-free dry.


Kitchen specialty is a complete range of products addressing the application specific products required in most kitchens.


Enabling you to create an environment that is clean and free of germs.

Machine Dish Detergents

Excellent cleaning performance and stain removal.


Diversey Infection Prevention: Helping you reduce the risk of infection by delivering effective, safe and sustainable cleaning and disinfection solutions.

Diversey Infection Prevention Chemicals






AHP® Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

Our line of patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide products are fast acting, broad spectrum cleaner disinfectants that are kind to surfaces, users and the planet.


Quat cleaner includes RTU and concentrated products.


A selection of products for specific applications.

Tools & Accessories

Additional solutions to help you reduce the risk of infection in your facility.


Diversey Floor Care Machines: TASKI® floor cleaning machines allow you to reliably and effectively clean with ease.

Diversey floor care machine, Diversey Taski machinese





Hands-Free Cleaning®

TASKI Intellibot auto-scrubbers and vacuum offer the ultimate in versatility by allowing the operator to quickly switch between manual cleaning and Hands-Free Cleaning®.

TASKI® Machines

For list of Taski Machine, please Click here.


Diversey On-Premise Laundry: Solutions designed for your hospitality, healthcare and all other on-premise laundry needs. Products include sours/softeners, detergents, destainers and alkali boosters.

Diversey hotel laundry products, diversey laundry chemicals






A portfolio of fabric softeners and sours.


A portfolio of laundry detergent solutions.


Remove spots and stains you thought were permanent.


Alkali builder and booster.


Dedicated spotters and reclaim products that remove difficult stains, reducing your linen-replacement costs.


Diversey Dilution and Dispensing Systems: Platforms, designed to conveniently fit into any environment.

Diversey dilution and dispensing systems, Diversey Dilution Systems, Diversey dispensing systems






Dilution Control Accessories

A variety of solutions from hooks, to hoses, to hanging baskets.

Dilution Control Dispensers

A variety of dilution control dispenser solutions that fit into any workspace.

For a list of Diversey Dilution Control Dispensers, please click here.


Diversey Restroom Care: Restroom solutions that clean, sanitize and disinfect areas with high level of odor control.

diversey restroom care





Multi-Surface Cleaners

Multipurpose daily cleaners for all surfaces in sanitary areas.

Crème Cleansers

Non-abrasive cream cleaners for the cleaning of hard surfaces resistant to water.

Disinfectant Cleaners

Daily cleaners to meet any level of -1 or -2 steps disinfection requirements in any environment.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Bathroom cleaners for daily use, periodic maintenance or renovation of older toilets and urinals.


For unique cleaning jobs in sanitary areas.


INNOWAY Cleaning Supplies is Diversey’s official distributor, contact us today for Diversey product information.


Diversey QuattroSelect

The wall mounted Diversey QuattroSelect system is designed for larger sites, where our lockable dispensing stations can be connected to a water supply.

diversey quattroselect, diversey pump system, diversey quattroselect pump system

A large range of Diversey TASKI products can be used with QuattroSelect. The concentrate is automatically diluted, providing optimum cleaning capability and control.

Choosing QuattroSelect will improve efficiency with high-speed accurate filling of bottles, buckets and scrubber driers with it’s two flow rates. It provides excellent results in a simple and easy way with precise dilution.

Each QuattroSelect can deliver up to 2500 litres of ready-to-use product with just two pouches – saving on transport, storage and packaging waste, making it the environmentally friendly product of choice, while improving your operational costs. Daily cleaner range is also available with EU-Flower certified concentrates.

How to use?

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J-Flex J-Flex J-Flex


Diversey SmartDose Products

Diversey SmartDose is an innovative dosing platform for super concentrated daily cleaners and disinfectants setting a new industry benchmark of accuracy, simplicity and safety for the users without the need for a connected water supply.

diversey smartdose, smartdose diversey, diversey smartdose system

The Smart pump technology is very practical and uses icon based instructions. This makes it possible to vary shot sizes for any of the different cleaning methods including spray cleaning, bucket cleaning or scrubber driers, but requires minimal user training or measuring. And being a closed system, it provides the maximum level of safety and cost control.

SmartDose also dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of all it’s users. All daily formulations are EU-Flower certified and as platform for super concentrates, it by definition offers packaging, chemical, storage as well as transport benefits versus standard platforms.

How to use?

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SmartDose SmartDose SmartDose SmartDose


Diversey J-Flex Products

The portable J-Flex system provides a rapid dilution system for smaller sites, where one or two cleaning products are used on a wide basis. With connection to a water supply, the patented J-Flex bottle and dilution system, provides an automatic dispensing service.

Diversey J-Flex NZ, J-Flex Auckland, Diversey J-Flex products, J-Flex NZ

The J-Flex system makes under-or over-dosing a problem of the past, ensuring that your cleaning solutions are perfect for the task in hand as well as cutting product wastage.

In line with Diversey’s commitment to the environment, J-Flex will drastically cut the transport and packaging waste associated with traditional products. In addition, the systems concentrate bottles are smaller and lighter than standard concentrates packaging, reducing health and safety issues and making life easier for your staff. J-Flex is the excellent option to kick start your operation with minimum start up investment.

How to use?

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J-Flex J-Flex J-Flex


Diversey EXACT

Exact provides sites of all sizes with an efficient cleaning system, without the need for a connected water supply.

Diversey Exact, Diversey Exact products, Diversey Exact system

Exact dispenses the same dosage each time for your cleaners’ bottle, buckets or scrubber driers. The lightweight bottle uses a measuring cap that consistently dispenses the same amount of concentrate and is easily refilled from the Exact cubitainer, allowing the best Cost in Use.

The Exact system has wide environmental benefits, providing reusable dosing bottles that will reduce packaging waste. In addition, Exact is five times more concentrated than standard concentrates giving you the benefit of reductions in both cost and storage.


Diversey Divermite Products for Kitchen Cleaning

Divermite plus dispensing system

Divermite Plus which dispenses directly into the sink via a directable spout.

diversey drivermite plus dispenser, diversey drivermite plus dispensing system for kitchen cleaning

Divermite S dispensing system

Divermite S is for dispensing into spray bottles or buckets

divermite s dispensing system for kitchen cleaning


Diversey Air Freshener – Good Sense

Diversey Good Sense Air Freshener

Good Sense is a specially formulated disinfectant/cleaner with fresh, long lasting fragrance. Good Sense can also be used for all disinfecting and light duty cleaning.


Diversey Knockout Deodoriser – 5L

diversey knockout deourdouriser

Diversey Knockout is a commercial grade cleaner deodoriser. A powerful deodoriser with a fruity fragrance. Knockout is a complex blend of essential oils balanced to provide maximum masking and deodorant effect on strong odours. Combined with its high level of masking, Knockout is suitable for light cleaning and disinfecting.


Diversey Shield Citrus Disinfectant Cleaner – 5L

Diversey Shield Citrus Disinfectant Cleaner, Citrus spray and wipe, citrus cleaner

Commercial grade disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting washable surface like walls, bench tops, floors. Pleasant citrus fragrance.


Diversey Shield Pine Disinfectant Cleaner – 5L

Diversey Shield Pine Disinfectant Cleaner, Pine disinfectant

Commercial grade disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting washable surface like walls, bench tops, floors. Pleasant pine fragrance.


Diversey Bleach – Cyclone

Diversey chemical, Diversey bleach, Diversey cyclone bleach, premium bleach

Diversey Cyclone Premium Bleach cleans, sanitises and deodorises washable surfaces. Removes moss and mould both indoors and out. Perfect for laundry-in wash or soaking to hygienically removed stubborn stains.


Mr Muscle Orange Energy Cleaner

Mr Muscle Orange Energy Cleaner, Mr Muscle spray and wipe, Mr Muscle cleaning products

Mr Muscle Orange Energy, Orange based general purpose cleaner. Can be made into smaller bottle from concentrate


Diversey Exit Mould – Trigger – 500ml

exit mould, mould remover, spray and walk away


Janola – Regular – 2.5L

Janola toilet cleaner, Janola bleach


Diversey Cyclone Disinfectant Cleaner – 5L

Commercial Grade disinfectant designed to clean, deodorise and sanitise washable surfaces leaving a pleasant pine fragrance.


Diversey Diverclean C3 – 5 Litre

Diverclean C3 hospital grade dinsinfectant

Liquid hospital grade disinfectant cleaner formulated to kill germs, remove mould, soil, stains.
Use on shower recesses, tiles and toilets, bins, drains and waste pipes.


Diversey WipeOut – 5 Litre – 8005

Diversey wipe out floor cleaner floor striper degreaser

Powerful cleaner formulated to remove grease, oil and food soils. Can be used on laminate, stainless steel and all non-painted surfaces. No residue, no rinsing required.


Diversey Forward Heavy Duty Disinfectant – 5 Litre

Diversey Forward Heavy Duty Disinfectant, hospital grade disinfectant

Diversey Forward is a disinfectant commercial grade. Heavy duty disinfectant for use on all washable hard surfaces.


Diversey Big Bare Degreaser – 5 Litre

Diversey Big Bare Degreaser, machine parts degreaser

Heavy duty, solvent-free degreaser for removal of oils, grease and dirt from metal parts, tools and equipment. Contains rust inhibiting agent to protect metals.


Diversey Degresan – 5 Litre

Diversey Degresan Degreaser, food safe degreaser

Cleaner and sanitiser. Safe for use on food preparation areas.
Degresan is fragrance-free allowing it to be used in all areas without the risk of tainting food items.


Diversey Strip Eze (Floor Stripper) – 5 Litre – 8008

Diversey Stripe Eze Floor Stripper, floor stripping chemicals, floor stripping, Strip Eze

A deep-penetrating non ammoniated floor stripper for resilient floors and stone floors.


Diversey Vectra (Floor Sealer and Floor Finisher) – 5 Litre – 8009

Diversey Vectra 5 Litre, floor care chemicals, floor stripper, floor polisher, floor sealer, Vectra Auckland

Low maintenance resilient floor sealer/finish with excellent durability and diamond-like brilliance. Designed for low speed application.





Diversey Cream R7, Cream Cleaner – 5 Ltr – 8010

Diversey Cream R7, Cream Cleaner, 5 Ltr


Diversey View Quick Floor Cleaner – 5 Litre – 8003

Diversey View Quick Floor Care 5 Litre, floor cleaner, nutral floor cleaner

No rinse daily floor cleaner for sealed and unsealed floors






Diversey Break Up Degreaser – 5 Litre – 8004

Diversey Break Up Degreaser, Diversey BreakUp

Heavy duty, high-foaming degreaser for removal of grease, animal fat and dirt. Multi-purpose, can be used on floors, wall, benches, equipment, freezer and bathrooms. Non-perfumed ideal for use in food preparation areas.




Diversey ClearClean Plus – 5 Litre – 8006

Diversey ClearClean Plus, Heavy Duty Degreaser, kitchen floor degreaser

Highly reactive, low-foaming industrial degreaser for all heavy duty degreasing. Contains alkaline and solvent to remove grease, oily soils, carbon black and rubber burns from floors, equipment, machinery and vehicles.


Diversey Revive – 5 Litre

Diversey Revive Floor Cleaner Maintainer, Floor Cleaner, floo cleaning chemicals

High performance floor cleaner/maintainer that rejuvenates the floor finish in a UHS program


Diversey Reveal – 5 Litre – 8007

Diversey Reveal Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Heavy duty floor cleaner for UHS and multi-use applications


Diversey Pinnacle (Floor Sealer and Finish) – 5 Litre

Diversey Pinnacle Floor Sealer

Heavy duty UHS floor sealer/finish with excellent durability exceptional when wet look gloss, low marking and high buff response for daily shine.


Diversey Glance Window and Multi Purpose Cleaner – 5 Litre

Diversey Glance Window Cleaner and Multi Purpose Cleaner

A powerful glass and window cleaner leaves a smear and streak free finish. Glance is a specially formulated non streaking glass cleaner that will clean all glass surfaces and chrome.


Diversey 3 Way – Washroom Cleaner  – 5 Litre – 8105

Diversey 3 Way - Washroom Cleaner

3 Way is an acid based general purpose washroom cleaner designed for the cleaning of acid resistant tiles, walls, shower recesses and fixtures. 3 Way is a all-in-1 cleaner, Commercial Grade Disinfectant and deodoriser


Diversey Pro Strip – Floor Strippers – 5 Litre – 8106

Pro Strip - Floor Strippers

Specially-formulated to penetrate and emulsify the toughest UHS burnished finishes. Works the first time, eliminating the need for “restrips”_. Works in cool water. Contains no butyl and is very low odor. Light yellow in color with a solvent scent.


A powerful glass and window cleaner leaves a smear and streak free finish. Glance is a specially formulated non streaking glass cleaner that will clean all glass surfaces and chrome.

Glade Air Freshener Can 400g Country Garden

Glade Air Freshener Can 400g Country Garden, diversey glad air freshener


Glade Air Freshener Can 400g Floral Bouquet

Glade air freshener can 400g floral bouquet


Finish Dishwashing Tablet – Power Ball, Lemon – 30 Tablets

Finish Dishwashing Power Ball Lemon Tablets, dishwashing tablet, dish washing liquid, dishwashing powder


SUN Dishwashing Powder – 5KG

Sun dishwashing powder lemon scented, sun dishwashing liquid

Advanced cleaning formula with biological food digesters that break down protein and remove tough baked-on residues.


Sunlight Dishwash Liquid – 500ml

Sunlight Dishwash Liquid 500ml, dishwash detergent, sunlight dish washing liquid, lemon dishwashing liquid


Diversey Suma Quick Dri A6 – Rinse Aid – 5L

Diversey Suma Quick Dri A6 Rinse Aid, dishwasher rinse aid

Diversey Suma Quick Dri A6 is a premium, high active, concentrated rinse agent to use with mechanical dishwashing operations in areas of soft to medium water hardness. It promotes quick rinsing and it’s blended to produce sparkling, spot free glasses, cutlery and ware under the widest range of dishwashing operations.


Diversey Suma Bar E9e – Machine Glass Washing Detergent – 5L

Diversey Suma bar machine dishwashing detergent

Non-caustic liquid detergent for use in industrial automatic glass washing machines. Suma bar is designed to remove even the toughest stains like lipstick, dried on juices and finger marks, contains water softening agents, avoid spotting and clouding of glass ware.


SUN Hand Dishwashing Liquid – 5L

Sun hand dishwashing liquid, hand dishwashing detergent, lemon dishwashing detergent

Manual dish washing liquid formulated to cut through tough grease and stubborn baked-on food.


Mr Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner

Mr Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner, heavy duty oven and grill cleaner

Mr Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner is a cleaner for removal of grease and carbon.

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