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Diversey Dilution Control Systems

Diversey Divermite Dispensing System
Divermite offers maximum economy by combining a range of high-performance, highly concentrated kitchen cleaning products with an accurate dosing system.
* Compact range. Frequently used products for use in spray bottles, buckets or sinks.
* Predictable, low cost in use. Concentrated, effective formulations combined with accurate dosing improve cost-efficiency.
* Concentrated. One pouch = 300 triggers or 150 buckets.
* Easy to use. Colour-coded pouches & spray bottle for easy recognition.
* Easy to install. No plumbing or electrical connections required.
Divermite – Kitchen Hygiene Products
SUMA STAR PLUS D1 – Hand dishwashing detergent – 4 x 1.5L
SUMA MULTI CONC D2 – Hard surface and floor cleaner – 4 x 1.5L
SUMA TOTAL PUR-ECO D2.4 – Hard surface & floor cleaner Nordic Swan approved – 4 x 1.5L
SUMA SAN CONC D4A – Surface sanitizer – 4 x 1.5L
SUMA BAC CONC D10 – Cleaner / Sanitizer – 4 x 1.5L
Divermite – Housekeeping Rang
ROOM CARE R1-PLUS – Toilet and bathroom cleaner concentrate – 2 x 1.5L
ROOM CARE R2-PLUS – Hygienic surface cleaner concentrate – 2 x 1.5L
ROOM CARE R3 – PLUS – Glass and multi-surface cleaner concentrate – 2 x 1.5L
ROOM CARE R5 – PLUS – Air freshener concentrate – 2 x 1.5L

Diversey J-Fill® QuattroSelect® Dispensing System



QuattroSelect is a dilution control station that offers the very best of dilution control for large sites.
The lockable unit uses up to four super-concentrated chemicals simultaneously. Simply turn the smart valve selector to the desired product and begin filling. The unit offers two flow rates to make bucket and trigger filling timely and easy.
The system uses colour-coded super-concentrated products to make training easy, and with no neat contact of product for staff, it offers superior user safety.
J-Fill – Kitchen Product Range
BREAK UP JFILL D3.5 CONC – High foamng cleaner / degreaser – 2 x 2.5L
J-512 JFILL – Surface sanitizer – 2 x 2.5L
PANCLEAN JFILL – Hand dishwashing detergent – 2 x 2.5L
J-Fill Housekeeping Range
CLEAN AIR JFILL – Deodoriser – floral fragance
CREW BATHROOM CLEANER AND SCALE REMOVAER JFILL – Bathroom cleaner &  scale remover, Green Seal certified – 2 x 2.5L
CREW SHOWE TUB AND TILE JFILL – Shower, tub and tile cleaner – 2 x 2.5L
GLANCE HC JFILL – Glass and multi-purpose cleaner – 2 x 2.5L
GLANCE NA JFILL – Non-ammoniated glass and multi-purpose cleaner. Green Seal certified – 2 x 2.5L
REVEAL JFILL – Ultra high speed floor cleaner – 2 x 2.5L
STRIDE HC CITRUS JFILL – Neutral cleaner, Green Seal certified – 2 x 2.5L
TASKFORCE JFILL – Commercial grade disinfectant cleaner – 2 x 2.5L
WIPEOUT JFILL – Power cleaner -2 x 2.5L
The J-Flex System
 The J-FLEX System – Total Dilution Control
The J-Flex System brings you accurate dosed concentrated products. The unique dosing head incorporated into J-FLEX pack is specially calibrated for each product and ensures that the right solution is available for use every time.
Versatility and flexibility – because the J-FLEX unit has the option to deliver two levels of dilution and water flow the same product can be used in spray bottle and bucket applications. The simple plug in hose connector makes the system truly portable.
Absolute reliability – The J-FLEX system is unique in that the entire dilution control unit is disposable. This effectively eliminates the risk of breakdown or inaccurate dosing due to the poor maintenance.
Simplicity and safety in use – With its simple “plug in – pull out” hose connector, its colour coded labels with clear application icons and dilution symbols, the J-FLEX system is easy to train in and easy to use by even the most inexperienced staff. The sealed “Spill Tite” packaging system ensures that operators can never come into contact with the concentrated product.
J-Flex – Kitchen Product Range
SUMA D10 J-FLEX – Cleaner / sanitizer – concentrate – 1 x 1.5L
SUMA ELIMINEX DRAIN CLEANER – Foaming drain cleaner – 2 x 1.5L
SUMA J-512 J-FLEX – Super concentrated no-rinse surface sanitizer – 1 x 5L (bottle/bucket fill)
SUMA MULTI D2 J-FLEX – All purpose cleaner – concentrate – 1 x 1.5L
J-Flex – Housekeeping Product Range
CREW BATHROOM CLEANER AND SCALE REMOVER – J-FLEX – Bathroom cleaner and scale remover, Green Seal certified – 2 x 1.5L
FORWARD J-FLEX – General purpose cleaner – 1 x 5L
GLANCE NA J-FLEX – Non-ammoniated glass and multi surface cleaner. Green Seal certified – 2 x 1.5L
GOOD SENSE FRESH J-FLEX – Deodorizer – fresh fragrance – 2 x 1.5L
REVEAL J-FLEX – Ultra-high speed floor cleaner – 2 x 1.5L
STRIDE CITRUS J-FLEX – Neutral cleaner, Green Seal certified – 1 x 5L
VIREX II J-FLEX – Hospital grade disinfectant cleaner and deodorant – 2 x 1.5L
SmartDose is an innovative dosing platform for super concentrate daily cleaners and disinfectants setting a new industry benchmark of accuracy, simplicity and safety for the users without the need for a connected water supply.
The Smart pump technology is very practical and uses icon based instructions. This makes it possible to vary shot sizes for any of the different cleaning methods including spray cleaning, bucket cleaning or scrubber driers, but requires minimal user training and no measuring. And being a closed system, it provides the maximum level of safety and cost control.
SmartDose also dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of all its users and is fully recyclable. SmartDose offers packaging, chemical, storage as well as transport benefits versus standard platforms.
SmartDose – Housekeeping Product Range
CREW RESTROOM SMARTDOSE – Restroom floor and surface cleaner. Commercial grade disinfectant – 2 x 1.4L
GLANCE NA SMARTDOSE – Non-ammoniated glass and multi-surface cleaner. Green Seal certified – 2 x 1.4L
OXIVIR FIVE 16 SMARTDOSE – Hospital grade disinfectant. One-step disinfectant cleaner – 2 x 1.4L
PERdiem SMARTDOSE – General purpose cleaner with proprietary accelerated hydrogen peroxide technology. Green Seal certified – 2 x 1.4L
 STRIDE HC CITRUS SMARTDOSE – Neutral cleaner – 2 x 1.4L
SmartDose Kitchen Product Range
MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER DEGREASER SMARTDOSE – Multi-purpose cleaner degreaser – 2 x 1.4L
SURFACE SANITIZER SMARTDOSE – Surface sanitizer – 2 x 1.4L

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