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Paragon – Neutraliser & Deorderiser

Stop Odours Fast!


Commercial Strength Neutralising Spray

Paragon works in two levels: It first attacks and neutralises odours; then imparts a long lasting fragrance for a signal that the area has been treated.

*NOT simply a mask

* Leaves a lasting floral fragrance

* Available in 30ml /  250ml / 500ml / 5 litre / 20 litre

* Made in New Zealand

* Non toxic and biodegradable

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Paragon is one of the most effective deodorisers available in the market, it is widely used at many hospitals, rest homes, medical centres and day cares. It is also a fantastic air freshener and odour remover for many pet stores and pet owners to remove pet odour. Paragon is a water based product and is extremely safe for human and animals.

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