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Hygiene Specialist / Washroom Solutions / Toilet Paper Hand Towels / Chemicals / Rubbish Bags / Vacuum Cleaners



INNOWAY is a commercial cleaning supply company based in Auckland and supplies all over New Zealand with quality commercial cleaning products and consumables.

We provide hygiene solutions to:

Hotels / Hospitality / Offices  / Manufacturing / Education – Schools and DayCares / Retails – Shopping Malls / Age Care – Retirement Villages and Rest Homes / Hospitals


* Commercial Cleaning Products


Buckets – Wringer Bucket/ Clear Bucket/ Window Cleaning Bucket / Plastic Handle Bucket / Metal Handle Bucket / Full Metal Bucket

Mops – Contractor Mop / Cotton Mop / Microfiber Mop / Flat Mop / Rubbermaid Pulse Mop / Sabco Mop

Cleaning Cloths – Microfiber Cleaning Cloths / Microfiber Window Cleaning Cloth / Chux Wipes / Wavy Wipes / Kitchen Cleaning Cloths / Rags / Sanitizer Wipes / Stainless Steel Wipes

 Cleaning Carts – Cleaner’s Trolley / Hotel Maid’s Trolley / Laundromat Trolley / Rubbermaid Trolley

Window Cleaning Gear  – Window Squeegees / Window Cleaning Cloth / Window Cleaning Pole / Telescope Cleaning Pole / Microfiber T Bar Window Cleaning Tool

Lobby and Hall Cleaning – Dusters / Microfiber Duster / Oates Orange Duster / Lobby Dust Pan and Broom Set


Toilet Paper and Hand Towels

Commercial cleaning product supplier INNOWAY supplies all sort of toilet paper and hand towels to suit your needs, from Eco friendly toilet paper and Eco friendly hand towels, to deluxe toilet paper and deluxe hand towels, you name it, we have it.

Toilet Rolls / Jumbo Toilet Rolls / Slimline or Wide Fold Hand Towels / Mini Jumbo Rolls /Junior Jumbo Rolls / Kitchen Rolls / Chux Wipes / Centre Feed Hand Towels

Brands We Sell:

Tork / Kimberly- Clark / Cotton Soft / PureEco/ Coastal / Kiwi Tissues / Pacific Hygiene


* Rubbish Bags and Bin Liners

If you are looking for a rubbish bag supplier and bin liner supplier, give INNOWAY a call now, we have a huge range of bags to fit every rubbish bin!

All Sizes Rubbish Bags / Wheelie Bin Liners / Rubbish Bags / Kitchen Tidy Liners / Office Bin Liners / Biodegradable Rubbish Bags / Clear Rubbish Bin Liners


* Chemicals

INNOWAY is an official chemical supplier and chemical distributor for many different brands of chemicals, brands we sell including but not limited to:

Diversey Chemicals



Vectra / Strip Eze / WipeOut / ClearClean Plus / Break Up / View Quick / Reveal / Cream R7 / Pro Strip HD / Persil Products / Sun Products / RAID products / Cyclone Shine Up / Cyclone Cleaner Disinfectant / Cyclone Bleach / Degreasan / Forward / Knockout / Pronto / Snapback / Glance / Technique / Diversey Smart Dose / JFLEX Stride HD / Signature / Pinnacle / Plaza Plus / J FLEX Citrus Stride / Shield Pine / Charge Laundry Powder / Diversey Cyclone Multi Face Cleaner

For Diversey safety datasheet (Johnson Diversey MSDS), please contact INNOWAY your official Diversey distributor.


Green Earth Chemicals

INNOWAY is an authorised Green Earth Chemical Supplier.

Green Earth Cleaning Solutions are unique, powerful, effective and based on nature. They are proven environmentally better by carrying the seal of government-backed Environmental Choice New Zealand, one of the few true eco friendly chemicals.

There is no better cleaning solution for our planet, your family, and your clients.

Green Earth Products will show you a cleaner, greener world. We’re proudly local and you have our word and the assurance of Environmental Choice New Zealand when you are using Green Earth chemicals, that means you are using eco friendly chemicals too.

green Eart.PNG

Green Earth Floor Cleaner / Green Earth All Purpose Cleaner / Green Earth BioClean Cleaner Degreaser / Green Earth Premium Liquid Hand Soap / Green Earth Toilet Cleaner / Green Earth Bathroom Cleaner / Green Earth Carpet Cleaner / Green Earth Glass and Surface Cleaner / Green Earth House Wash / Green Earth No Rinse Sanitizer / Green Earth Cream Cleanser / Green Earth Shower Cleaner / Green Earth Disinfectant Cleaner / Green Earth Body Wash


Bio-Zyme Chemicals

bio zyme chemicals

Bio-Zyme Multi Purpose Cleaner / Bio-Zyme Cleaner / Bio-Zyme Industrial Drain and Grease Trap / Bio-Zyme Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser / Bio-Zyme Marine /


We also have a wide range of INNOWAY branded chemicals to suit all your cleaning needs including:

Spray & Wipe / Floor Cleaner / Sanitizer / Window Cleaner/ Toilet Cleaner / Disinfectant / Deorderiser / Bleach / Hand Soap / Foam Soap / Dish washing Liquid / Dishwashing Powder / Laundry Powder / Rinse Aid / Urinal Blocks / Air Freshener / deodorise

* Vacuum Machines

Vacuums – PV12 / CV3 / Nilflisk Vacuum Cleaner / Karcher / PacVac SuperPro / Pullman / Taski / Henry / Miele / Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners / Industrial Vacuum Cleaners / Hoover Walkman / Work Hero / PacVac Thrift / Hetty /Vax Ultra Light Weight /  Sauber PowerPro / Hoover Quickpick / Work Hero Carpet Blower / Carpet Dryer/ Nilflish Commercial Vacuum Cleaner


INNOWAY is a distributor of Karcher machines, Karcher New Zealand.


As the world’s biggest manufacturer of cleaning machines, we understand that our professional customers, wherever they may be in the world, have their own unique cleaning tasks. And we also understand that cleaning is a necessity that there is often little time for. This is why our ranges of professional cleaning machines, accessories and detergents are designed with our customers to meet their needs. Regardless of business type or location, Kärcher products provide superb cleaning performance, save time and resources, and are intuitive to operate: leaving businesses to focus on what is most important to them.


* Hand Cleaning Systems

Gojo – It’s all about clean, healthy skin.


gojo hand soap, gojo hand cleaning system


Purell Hand Sanitizer – The brand people know and trust.


Purell hand sanitizer


Deb – Industry Leader in Hand Cleaning


deb hand soap, deb soap



* Other consumables


vinyl gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, disposable gloves nz, latex gloves auckland

Latex Gloves / Vinyl Gloves / Blue Nitrile Gloves / Black Nitrile Gloves/ Black Satin Gloves / Powdered and Powdered Free Gloves / Disposable Gloves / Tin Foil / Packaging Products / Catering Products / Kitchen Consumables


We offer quality products at best value for your hard-earned cleaning dollars!

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INNOWAY supplies quality cleaning products all over New Zealand

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Auckland / Hamilton / Whangarei / Bay of Island / Rotoura / Hawkes Bay / Napier / Wellington / Palmerston North / Christchurch / Queenstown / Dunedin

INNOWAY is a distributor of Kimberly Clark

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Make your workplace cleaner, healthier and more productive